First week !

First week, first times you pretend you understand spanish, first times people understand you don't understand spanish, first lunch breaks at 3pm and so on ! This first week has been busy.

I took a bus from Lille at 3am to travel to Brussels Charlerois ( the only airport near Lille that flies directly there). After a flight of only 1h40, I arrived in Zaragoza airport where you still have to make a 40 minutes bus trip to join the city center.

I stayed in an apparthotel the first week, the time for me to do paperwork with the company and visit appartments.
After a small nap the afternoon, I went to visit Entropy where I had a super warm welcome from everyone ! The day was not over that we already had appointments for flats.
The temperature of the first day was pretty cool, about 25°C or so, but I was clearly not prepared for what was coming next.

On day 2, I visited more accomodations and finally got that famous NIE number. I thought it would have taken us a few days, but after waiting in line for 2h, I got my final number that will allow me to sign contracts, rent apartments, open a bank account and so on, good thing done !

Day 3 and the pressure rises, I have to find a place to live and quickly. First visit of the day and I feel this is the one, finger crossed for the approval of the owners...

I'm taking the opportunity of having that free time to start exploring the city, and yes, it is a really pretty city !

Basílica de Nuestra Señora del Pilar

 Got the keys, yaay ! About 15 min by walk from work, in the city center.

I'm not gonna lie, I'm struggling with communication here, spanish are talking so fast, it really has nothing to do with what we have been taught in highschool !
Luckily, most of my coworkers speak english and we manage to understand each others without too much difficulties ( I hope to be able to communicate in spanish as soon as possible though, but work has to be done now, no time to mess around ! ). I've even had some french words coming from some of them, fun times ! 😄

I'm starting to get used to it, but 40°C, that's another story, I think I've never experienced these kind of temperatures for that long before.

Until next time, hasta luego !


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