Departure - ¡ Vamos !

Writing the first article of this blog the 3rd of June, at 11pm and after a few beers might not have been the best idea I've had but I could hardly wait to start writing, happy reading !

 I've decided to start this blog to share my adventures with my friends, family, coworkers ( old and new ) and everyone that will come across this page, to improve my writing skills ( Blogging is one of those things that seems easy until you have to do it, but I'm convinced will get easier with time and practice ) but as well as for my personal records; pretty sure I'll be happy to read all of this in a few years !

I've never really had the chance to travel a lot when I was younger. Doing a job that can be performed almost everywhere on earth is an amazing opportunity to catch-up time and discover new places !
Settling in Spain and learning spanish are the firsts objectives on the list.

I haven't had either the opportunity to practice my spanish since I left highschool in 2013, basis are still there but most of the conjugation and vocabulary are gone, or at least hidden in the back of my mind ! Working and living in Spain will definitely be challenging at first but a lot of fun and enriching in every aspects. Language barrier is something I'm aware I'll have to face of course but I'm working hard to step up my spanish level, and who knows, maybe I'll write articles in spanish in the future !

If you are not used or helped with the spanish immigration process, this can really be confusing !
Luckily, the amazing people over at Entropy, the company I'll be working at ( ), accompanied me in the legal procedures and the flat-hunting.
NIE (Número de identidad de extranjero) is required to do pretty much everything in Spain, from renting an apartment to open a bank account, sign a work contract and even take a long-term bike rental subscription !
To get this number you'll need to go to a police station and fill forms with various informations such as a proof you're coming for professional purposes.
Getting the proper number can take a few weeks, that's why I'll have a temporary number with my french ID to start working and begin to settle in the best conditions possible.

Enough details ! Let's talk about the city I'll be living in. Zaragoza is a very historical and touristic city. However, most of my friends and family weren't able to mark it on a map ! Situated roughly at the same distance of Madrid, Valencia, Barcelona and Bilbao, the capital city of the autonomous community of Aragon is full of history and heritage I'm looking forward to discover !


Learning spanish through films in OV ( still with subtitles but I'll get there ) is something I've started doing for a few weeks now and it really helps me improving. I'm also listening to spanish music from time to time and I'm discovering amazing artists I wouldn't even have considered before. To add a little bit of something to this blog, I'll end every articles with a spanish song I randomly discovered and that I'm listening to (I don't get most of the lyrics yet but I'll share what sounds good to me !).

Thanks for reading !


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