First week !

First week, first times you pretend you understand spanish, first times people understand you don't understand spanish, first lunch breaks at 3pm and so on ! This first week has been busy.

I took a bus from Lille at 3am to travel to Brussels Charlerois ( the only airport near Lille that flies directly there). After a flight of only 1h40, I arrived in Zaragoza airport where you still have to make a 40 minutes bus trip to join the city center.

I stayed in an apparthotel the first week, the time for me to do paperwork with the company and visit appartments.
After a small nap the afternoon, I went to visit Entropy where I had a super warm welcome from everyone ! The day was not over that we already had appointments for flats.
The temperature of the first day was pretty cool, about 25°C or so, but I was clearly not prepared for what was coming next.

On day 2, I visited more accomodations and finally got that famous NIE number. I thought it would have taken us a few days, but after wa…

Departure - ¡ Vamos !

Writing the first article of this blog the 3rd of June, at 11pm and after a few beers might not have been the best idea I've had but I could hardly wait to start writing, happy reading !

 I've decided to start this blog to share my adventures with my friends, family, coworkers ( old and new ) and everyone that will come across this page, to improve my writing skills ( Blogging is one of those things that seems easy until you have to do it, but I'm convinced will get easier with time and practice ) but as well as for my personal records; pretty sure I'll be happy to read all of this in a few years !

I've never really had the chance to travel a lot when I was younger. Doing a job that can be performed almost everywhere on earth is an amazing opportunity to catch-up time and discover new places !
Settling in Spain and learning spanish are the firsts objectives on the list.

I haven't had either the opportunity to practice my spanish since I left highschool in 2013,…